Logging into Visual Studio 2013 – forms done wrong

by EvanJPalmer

So I thought I’d have a bit of a play with Visual Studio 2013.

Here’s my experience

I download, install and, run.

It prompts me with a login screen. Hmmm.. I’m not a member… that’s cool I’ll sign up. *click*

Now I fill out a long scrolling form and fill out the captcha *click*.

ERROR! Ah, I forgot to put in my post code because hardly any of the form fits in the miniature space they’ve allowed.

That’s cool… filling it in… *click*.

ERROR! Oh, they cleared out my CAPCHA… okay, filling that back in. *click*

ERROR: did I get that wrong? was that ‘p’ or a ‘b’? That ‘j’ kinda looks like an ‘s’. I’ll try the audio version *click*.

Listening… nope that. Doesn’t make sense to me. back to the written version *click*

ERROR! Ooh, I got the CAPCHA right! (Wooott!) but my email address is already registered. Thanks Microsoft, you could have told me earlier. Oh well that’s cool. Back to the log in screen. *click*

Filling in my details… guess my password *click*

ERROR! I guessed wrong. Well I’ve been trying to use different passwords for different sites for a while now. So that’s not surprising. I’ll just click the reset password button *cliiii…… nope that button doesn’t exist.

Okay… I pull up Chrome and go to the MS site. And am logging in automatically.

Okay. So I log out, try to log back in again, and FIND THE RESET PASSWORD BUTTON!

And it’s smooth sailing from here.

What I think, in order of importance:

1) Make the form smaller. Is that really the minimum amount of info needed?
2) Have a reset password link on or near the error
3) Asynchronously check my user id as I’m filling out the massive form
4) Make better CAPCHAs. Surely we have a better alternative… ?
5) Make it more obvious that the log in optional ? I just ran through the process again, and noticed a small “skip” link under the sign in button on the first screen. That’s cool, but there’s no skip button on any subsequent screens.