Popcorn Time – Awesome Illegal Netflix/Plex Alternative

by EvanJPalmer



If you’re familiar with Netflix, or Plex, or XBMC, you’ll get a kick out of Popcorn Time. It’s this great program that acts like a slick media player with a basically complete library, but instead of hooking into a legitimate library (like Netflix) or your local files (like Plex/XBMC) it STREAMS TORRENT FILES! …hence the illegality.

Well, I guess it’s illegal… if the country you live honours American copyright law… and only if you choose to download content that is under copyright (there’s a lot of public domain stuff out there too).

But whatever. I love this thing  – even though it’s not finished yet (IMO… and it’s in beta). They still need to get the search a bit better, give us some preferences around quality and, make some kind of offline mode (so we can choose some poor-health-torrent flicks to download now, and watch them when we get home).

I’d also love to see offline mode integrated with tablets and phone devices, like Plex does.

Having said all that, this is such a massive awesome step in the right direction, I’m very excited about the future.

One other interesting thing to note is it’s lack of adverts in the app. If there are no adverts to pay the pirateers, and the movies aren’t being paid for by subscribers or movie-goers… I guess no one makes money. Not a problem, since the share of Popcorn Time users is basically nil at the moment, but interesting none-the-less.

Ideally, I’d love to see something like this take off, where the movie industry can still make some money and keep making stuff I love – HAVE THE SCIENTIST WORKING ON THAT IMMEDIATELY!