Ranting is fun and useful

by EvanJPalmer


In our last improv jam we did a pretty cool exercise from Del Close’s book, Truth in Comedy.

In the exercise, both players (or, all players if you like) are to rant for the entire scene. So no pauses at all. If there’s a pause, just jump in and say something, anything, keep it moving.

The idea of the exercise is to help get yourself out of your head. To just keep pushing the scene forward, and for me it it was a real eye opener. All the scenes we did turned out really well. I think this is because we started getting all this extra detail that transformed into offers – emotion, conflict and resolution all sprung out in full force with players not holding back by over thinking.

Great fun.

We also did a variation of it in which a normal scene is played, but a the jam director yells out “rant about it” and one of the players just goes on an awesome rant. This progressed the scene in the same useful way.