Initial Thoughts on Hot Desking

by EvanJPalmer

whoooooooooo-oooo-ooooo your desk is on fire

I’ve recently started working a company that “Hot desks” – that’s when you don’t have a designated desk when you come in to work. Instead you can sit anywhere you like.

I’ve found a few pros and cons.

Desks are clean – you can’t leave your crap over them, which means you don’t have dirty mugs (or sensitive documents) sitting around everywhere.
If you come in early you can get a cool spot near a window or something
You can sit with your team members, or however it’s most convienient for you
Saves money for the company. If only 75% of people are in the office on any given day, they can save 25% on seating

When you’re new you dont know who anyone is
I’ve heard of people missing stuff (leaving stuff on their desk that’s gone missing)
It takes me longer to get set up in the morning
I’ve heard two (overly loud) arguments regarding someone sitting in someone else’s spot both of which I found amusing, so could probably be a PRO too.
You can’t keep good personal things on your desk – like a pot plant or your cool drink bottle etc