I don’t use iTunes

by EvanJPalmer


I have an iPhone and an iPad.

I’m actually really looking forward to switching to a Droid phone in February when my current contract runs out. Not because I dislike my iPhone, the opposite in fact. But, I’m just looking forward to trying some of the new features that I’ve been hearing about.

I probably won’t upgrade my tablet for a while.

Anyway, I’ve told a few people that I don’t use iTunes recently and they freak out.

I actually don’t see the use for it.

Here’s how I do it.

I should also note that this wasn’t a conscience decision. Like, I didn’t say to myself “Fuck iTunes and all y’all. Imma investigate to work around it.” I just naturally picked apps that tended to not require iTunes.

  1. Back up I use iCloud
  2. For music, I use Spotify
    I sync some playlists offline (via wi-fi) so I rarely use MP3s anymore – I never pirate music.
  3. I install my apps via the App Store on my phone
  4. Podcasts I use Downcast
  5. RSS I use Feedly
    I actually don’t know if RSS is something that iTunes does, but hey, I like Feedly
  6. For Comics I use Comic Zeal
    Comic Zeal can share a folder over WiFi
    Honorable mention to the amazing app Comixology, which is only a little too pricey for me to use.
  7. Stanza/iBooks for reading
    with stanza I download fiction by connecting to Tuebl
    with iBooks, I email PDFs of tech stuff. I have to admit, this is probably a bit of a work around. But it works for me, and is faster than connecting my iPad to the computer and loading up iTunes.