The Bear Pack Improv Workshop


Just finished a two day course taught by my favourite improv group, The Bear Pack.

It was really excellent. Steen and Carlo (the guys from Bear Pack) are on another level of creativity. Their examples were amazing, and their notes on our scenes were off the planet.

Some things I got form the course:

  • Find the fun
  • Eye contact
  • Have a base scene for your cutaways to always come back to.
  • Be specific
  • You don’t have to justify the other person’s behaviour. If thats how they are, that’s how they are
  • Ranting
  • Really listen and expand on the other persons stuff

Some games we played:

  • Speedball
  • Good morning fuckos (yup that’s the name of it)
  • Stand there and just look at each other for a minute
  • Sorry I’m late
  • “Interupt” the other person with something triggered
  • Ranting at the same time (and stopping with eye contact)
  • 1-10 in the mirror