Two lessons learned from being a dickhead

by EvanJPalmer


My film-editing-colleague and I made two funny faux pas with clients recently.

The first one occurred when emailing a prospective client. My business partner and I were writing up an email. We were discussing how we should not be too formal, which I think is true, for us. We joked we should call them new client “bro”  so my mate typed it into the email. We laughed and he upped the anti and changed it to “Broski”…. then accidentally clicked send.

Yup – we called a potential client “Broski” in writing.

Then we just pretended that we meant to do it. They decided to go with us, for some reason anyway, so now when we go to shoot we’re going to have to pretend we just talk like that.

The second faux pas was during the last shoot we did. We had all this footage of the carpark for which we were making a promotional video. During editing we noticed in the background of one of the shots, a mother was running with a pram. In another shot, a shading looking character with a hood walked past. Obviously we thought it would be funny to edit the two together so it looked like the shady guy was stalking/chasing the mother through a car park.

How did the client respond? This is an actual quote from an email:

1. Delete the scene with the man with the hood walking past.
2. Delete the scene with the woman running with the pram.

Makes sense.

Two lessons I learned:

1) Don’t write up joke emails
2) Your clients aren’t idiots