The benefits of working on a computer that is an absolute piece of shit

by EvanJPalmer


Surprisingly, I’ve found that having a low spec computer with HDD (in oppose to an SSD) has HELPED my skill set improve.

I think that might actually be irony, and not in an Alanis Morissette kind of way, but in the literal sense.

How you ask?

Well my solution takes perhaps 30-60 seconds to compile. And maybe the same amount of time to attach to a process. This is way too long. Not only do these minutes add up ove the days and weeks, but in this length of time it’s easy to lose focus on the problem.

To work around this, I’ve tried as much as possible to not attach my debugger.

So I don’t have to attach my debugger, I ensure my Tests are granular, and my logging is good – i.e my code is better.

I’ve seen a marked improvement in my unit tests since I’ve made this conscience change to my workflow.