Getting a large Voice Memo off your iPhone without iTunes

by EvanJPalmer

TLDR: Message it to yourself, then email the message.


My friends and I were messing around with some amateur film stuff over the weekend.

We didn’t have a decent mirophone (my cool new NTG3 hasn’t arrived yet), and the on board microphone on my camera is basically poop.

We decided to record the audio on the iPhone and see how that turned out (much better than the on board microphone, if you’re interested).

Anywho, so I’ve got about 10 minutes worth of dialogue sitting on my phone. I connect it to my machine and try to find the file in windows explorer, like I would a photo. Unfortunately Windows is unable to read what I assume is some kind of propriety File System format by Apple.

I don’t worry  – instead I just try to email to myself, but get an error message saying “Memo is too long. Would you like to select a shorter version of this message?” I don’t want to crop it (I want all the dialogue, of course).

I grooaaan when I realise I have to use iTunes. I don’t have iTunes installed (with Spotify/Downcast and my contacts synced to the cloud I don’t need it) so I install the clunky piece of crap and tell it I tell it to sync my memo’s. In response it tells me to do that it’d have to delete everything on my phone. This is less than Ideal.

Pop quiz, hot shot. What do you do, what do you do?

Well as I said in the TLDR, I messaged it to myself and from the message I got (when it eventually came through) I emailed it to myself, with no size restriction.

So yeah, I couldn’t find these instructions online – I hope this finds someone well.

Kind of a bugger because I was hoping to use my iPhone as a kind of field recorder for future film stuff.

I wonder if there’s a better app out there… ???

*IHLOT – I Have Lots Of Time…. what’s the opposite of TLDR?